by Madison

My name is Felicity Weise. We live in a log cabin. We have a kitchen with a wood burning stove. We cook our meals with it, but it also helps heat our home in the winter. Our living room is furnished with furniture that we made. We have a bedroom and also a loft for sleeping. We have a fireplace in the living room.

Some breads we eat are gingerbread and hoe cakes. We also make a special drink called holiday wassail. We make a lot of differant dishes with cranberries.

We have many chores to do. We make beds, clean house, make clothes, cook, gather wood, and take care of the animals. When all chores are done, we play games.

We make our own toys. Dolls are made from corn and rags. Wood and string make perfect spinning tops. One game that we play is nine men's morrice. You use corn, stones, or beans for markers. The players take turns putting down their markers, always placing it at the point where the lines cross. It is like "tic tac toe."


from left to right: Margarita, Madison, and Lupita

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