August 3

Age: 18

College you plan to attend, and your plans there:

South Plains College; study Physical Therapy

Future Plans:

Go to college and eventually graduate


Reading, riding my horse, being with my friends, and being with my boyfriend

Favorite Class:

Leadership; Child Development

Favorite high school memory:

The friends' pep rally

Most embarrassing moment:

Crying while my best friend was being taken away from all of us

What is strange or unique about you:

My ability to have a way with words

What will you miss most about high school:

Being with my friends all day and eating lunch with them

What will you miss least about high school:

The rules we all had to follow and having to work extremely hard

Who will you miss most and why:

My friends, because I won't get to see them again unless I come visiting

What advice do you have for lower class men:

Work hard and stay out of trouble and then the years will fly by and you will be out of school in no time

Activities and Organizations: