Birthday: May 18

Age: 19

College you plan to attend, and your plans there:

South Plains College for one year and then transfer to the University of Dallas

Future Plans:

Plan to graduate from Springlake-Earth High School, then finish college and live in Dallas and pursue my career


Talking on the phone, running, playing basketball, and being with my boyfriend

Favorite Class:

Leadership; Math; English

Favorite High School Memory:

Graduation will be my favorite high school memory

Most embarrassing moment:

My most embarrassing moment was when they read my third grade letter at our Senior luncheon

What is strange or unique about you:

I am a good artist

What will you miss most about high school:

I will miss my friends the most and, of course, I'll miss Mrs. Hulett, my so called mother

What will you miss least high school:

Tardies, coming to school, homework

Who will you miss most and why:

Mrs. Williams, because she is a teacher that can be there for you, and she is just so loving and caring

What advice do you have for lower class men:

Never slack off if you want your GPA to stay up

Activities and Organizations:

Student Council; FCA; FCCLA