May 14, 2001

1:30 p.m.


Welcome~Mr. Bigham

Student of the Month Awards~

Bonnie, Shelley, Meagan, Sam, Hilary, Jose, Heather, Michael, Brant, Alex, Zeth, Logan, Ty, Jessie, Kristi, Homero, Courtney, Laurie, Brandy, Monica, Jayme, Juan, Ralph, Brandy

7th & 8th Girl's Athletics Awards~

7th Basketball - Hilary; Track - Melinda; All Around - Shelley

8th Basketball - Alex; Track - Brandy; All Around - Sierra

7th & 8th Boy's Athletics Awards~

7th Basketball - Ralph; Basketball - Jessie; All Around - Zeth

8th Basketball - Erik; Basketball - Chad; Track - Coleton; All Around - Ty

6th, 7th & 8th Social Studies Awards~

Jayme, Wesley, Erik

6th Reading Award and Highest A.R. Points Award~

Brant, Randi

7th Reading Award and Highest A.R. Points Award~


8th Reading Award and Highest A.R. Points Award~

Brandy, Bonnie

6th, 7th & 8th Math Awards~

Logan, Shelley, Bonnie

6th, 7th & 8th Language Arts Awards~

Laurie, Zeth, Alex

6th, 7th & 8th Science Awards~

Randi, Melinda, Ty

Keyboarding Awards~

6th - Jose; 7th and 8th - Jessie

Art Award~


Career Investigations Award~


Citizenship Awards~

Logan, Shelley, Homero

Cheerleading Awards~

Alex, Nina, Shelley, Hilary, Jayme

Honor Society Awards~

Alex, Bonnie, Zeth, Michael, Shelley, Hilary

Scholarship and Citizenship Awards~

6th Grade

Jose 90.80

Kristi 91.04

Brandy 91.60

Laurie 93.60

Brant 94.60

1st in 6th Grade Class: Logan 95.00

7th Grade

Michael 90.80

Hilary 91.00

Shelley 94.00

1st in 7th Grade Class: Zeth 95.00

8th Grade

Erik 90.00

Bonnie 92.40

1st in 8th Grade Class: Alex 95.60

8th Grade Recognition | 2001-2002 Cheerleaders