Ever seen how a sonogram is done? Ask Amanda. She watched this and regular x-rays as well.

Lambert got to watch ATF dogs (the ones that search for explosives), an interrogation, and taking blood from a shoe for evidence in a shooting incident!

You can't get squeemish and go where Josh did! He got to job shadow an registered nurse at Covenant's emergency room in Plainview. A young lady had to get her thumb sewn up while Josh watched!

Because of his interest in computers, Brandon was placed with the computer tech at Plainview's Covenant. He said he actually installed some hardware and software, and "relearned" some DOS commands he had forgotten.

Both Ricky and Daniel job shadowed at Agri-Gold in Olton. They learned about seed selection and "weird machines." They also watched a sprinkler system being built. Olton is also close enough that this might become a summer job possiblity for these young men!

Want to get involved with music production? Ask Alyssa what she saw at South Plains College. She watched Jay Lemon in the midi lab.

KLBK in Lubbock presented Chasity a book they printed in celebration of their 50th anniversary. All the anchors she met signed her book. She has a great souvenir of her visit.

SPC has an excellent training program for law enforcement officers for our region. There, Larry learned "going to college isn't boring." He got to see their firing range and learned what it takes to become an officer.

Civil Engineering isn't really the engineering that Dustin has in mind, but he still got to see how much work it takes to run a city. It's a lot more than just reading meters, isn't it, Dustin? He learned about water purification methods and the state regulations about those methods as well.

--Written by Mrs. Williams