Hello, my name is Maria Arriaga. I am 19 years old, and this is my first day in America. It was just like I thought it would be when we arrived in the harbor, but soon that all changed. I came here with my husband, Juan Arriaga, aboard the awful ship, the Dogan II. We came from San Sebastian, Spain, and we are supposed to depart for Chicago in a few days. The ship ride from Spain was long and rough, taking us about 11 days. We came to America because my husband's family is here and wanted us to join them. When we arrived here, we had to be inspected by many doctors. The last doctor told us that we had no diseases, and we were free to go into the next inspection. We passed all the inspections except the last one. Juan's father didn't send us enough money to buy a train ticket to Chicago, but as soon as we get the money, we will be on our way to jobs as a seamstress and a sailor.
Hello, my name is Heidi Andreae. This is my first day in America. I am 20 years old. It took me 11 days to get to Ellis Island. When I got here, I was put through several tests. I luckily passed the medical test. I came here from Altsdorf, Switzerland. I am planning to work in Nebraska. My father sent a letter to my brother, Volkmar, and me. It said he had a job for us on his farm. I would get paid 22 cents an hour. I wanted to come to America so I could get a better job and earn more money. Now, I am on my way to make a living in Nebraska.
Hi, my name is Natasha Aushalomov. I'm 19 years old, I'm married, and I'm a Russian servant on my way to New York. I have only $100 in my pocket and my inspection card and passport in my hand. I've been diagnosed with possible chicken pox or small pox. I've been on the Dogan II for about 11 days with my brother-in-law, and my husband is waiting for us in New York. At last, the three of us can go on and live together to begin a new life.
Hi, I'm Hannah Strauss, an 18 year old escaping from the harsh regime of my native country. I rode on a rat infested ship for 11 days. I didn't have access to fresh air or appropriate accommodations. On the 11 days over, all I could think about was my family still in Germany.

At Ellis Island I was checked for diseases and had to buy a train ticket to travel to with my fiance, Hans Bloch. Before I could leave Ellis Island, we had to get married because I couldn't leave alone. We were destined for Allegheny, Pennsylvania, but had to stop in Harrisburg.

Hello, my name is Emma Gogorza. I am a twenty-year old seamstress from Malaga, Spain. I have been traveling in steerage for eleven days, and I am meeting my husband, Emilio, today. I am hoping to start a new and adventurous life in Boston. I have to meet with an inspection officer to discuss my departure from Ellis Island. I explaned that I am meeting my husband. I have a job as a seamstress for the wife of his boss. I will work for her in her boutique. I will have to be detained for three days due to a minor head cold. America, so far, is a great place. I hope to enjoy it and bring the rest of my family to America.
My name is Maria Arriaga. I am 19 years old, and I am married to Juan Arriaga. My occupation was a seamstress. I am from San Sebastian. Entering into America is a lot different than being in my home town. I was detained from entering because we didn't have enough money to pass ahead. I wanted to come to America because where I was living, I couldn't make enough money. I hope to change our lives. I was on this ship for eleven days with rats.