Straight Way is a group of young people from different cities who use music, dancing, drama, and true-life stories to entertain, inform, and educate students of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, violence, suicide, and other negative choices. Seventh grade through seniors in high school of Springlake-Earth attended their dynamic performance on Tuesday, March 25, 2003.

Funded by a grant from the Criminal Justice Division of the State of Texas, the drug prevention assembly is seen by approximately 600,000 young people annually. Not only does the program discourage wrong actions and choices, but it encourages and shows the incredible benefits of making right ones.

The brochure describing Straight Way says, "This drug prevention team is mainly composed of high-school aged kids who have been through troubled times in their lives, and have come out of those times stronger and more resilient, without resorting to drugs or alcohol. Other young people can relate to their stories, as many of the are going through some of the same troubles in their own life."
Courtney told the group he had lived with parents who abused alcohol and drugs, yet because of right choices, he has not succumbed to those vices.
Two of our own junior high students, Justin and Roberto, helped with the drama.
StraightWay Drug Prevention's website is