Song: "I'm Trading My Sorrows"

TV Show: Knock First

Movie: Walk to Remember

Food: jalapeno peppers with cream cheese and bacon

Color: purple

Person: God

Sport: archery

Book: Bible, Walk to Remember

Subject: history

Hobby: hunting and collecting dolls

Pet Peeve: messy hair

Future Plans: become a Wildlife Biologist

Song: "Shout to the Lord"

TV Show: Charmed

Movie: Wyatt Earp

Food: pizza, mac & cheese, peanut butter

Color: purple

Person: mom, dad, and brothers

Sport: basketball & soccer

Book: A Place to Call Home

Subject: math and science

Hobby: chillin' with my family

Pet Peeve: when someone snorts while laughing

Future Plans: go to college and become a brain surgeon

Song: "Ring of Fire"

TV Show: Full House

Movie: Accidental Spy

Food: pizza

Color: orange

Person: my uncle

Sport: football

Book: Boxcar Children

Subject: reading

Hobby: reading

Pet Peeve: birds

Future Plans: veterinarian