I had the priveledge to have had Mr. Hickford as a teacher. I will remember him most for his warm heart and non-stop laughter. Everyone has fond memories of him.

The Senior Class of 2003 remembers when they were in 8th grade, and Mr. Hickford was just beginning to teach at SEHS. He was mildly irritated with our class and was encouraging us to try one more time at a tune we just could not play. He lifted his baton once again; there came a strange noise. All of a sudden, the Peptol Bismol Pink tile ceiling came crashing down on his head! The entire class laughed, and, much to our surprise, he began to laugh with us.

Mr. Hickford died in September from complications resulting from a traffic accident. A memorial service was held at the Springlake-Earth High School auditorium in November. Reverend Bobby Broyles officiated the services, and members of the staff and student body spoke. Former and current band members played "Amazing Grace," and three former students played "Hero."
Mr. Robert Hickford was the band director at Springlake-Earth ISD from 1998 to 2001. He was a very patient and caring man. All of his students enjoyed being in his class. The high school band was beginning to have more students in it than it had had in many years. Mr . Hickford was a talented man when it came to working with students. He could take people who had no talent what-so-ever, give them an instrument, and patiently teach them to play. Mr. Hickford will be greatly missed by his students and co-workers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mrs. Hickford, their children, and their grandchildren.