April 15

College planning to attend:

South Plains College


Theater Arts

Future plans:

Go to 5th period


Acting, shopping, being with friends, driving Miss Daisy, spending my dad's money, bothering Brandi and laughing


FCCLA, Speech Team, UIL, Library Aide

Favorite Subject / Class:

English and library aide

Pet Peeve:

Hypocritical and arrogant people

Favorite memory in high school:

Vandalizing Edward's Explorer with pickles

What advice do you have for lower classmen?:

Stop, think, evaluate, and proceed. Never act too proud because you will always end up with a lunch tray no matter how nasty you think it is.

What is your biggest fear in life?:

Forgetting who I am

What do you feel is strange and unique about you and why?:

I think that I am the only one in my Senior Class who is going to college for something I have so much passion for, and I know that it won't keep me financially stable.