• wear wide legged jeans
    • wear shorts that go over your knee cap
    • wear big shirts....not too big where you look ghetto; not too small
      where people question your sexuality
    • get a hair cut when needed
    • wear pants that fit
    • wear T-shirts that fit nicely.....not too tight nor too loose
    • make sure your jeans cover your shoes.....highwaters were never in
    • comb your hair everyday
    • fix your hair at least twice a week
    • wash your face every day
    • take a shower every day
    • look like you spent at least 10 minutes on yourself
    • wear clothes that fit
    • keep up with the latest styles
    • don't sag your pants too much.....we don't want to see your boxers or underpants
    • don't wear tight pants
    • don't slick your hair back
    • don't wear overalls EVER.....they look stupid on boys
    • don't wear see-through shirts
    • don't try to highlight your hair yourself, especially if you have dark'll end up looking like a leopard
    • don't get carried away with the make-up!!.......remember less is more
    • don't wear your hair wet or put so much gel on it that it looks wet
      .....the wet look is out!!
    • don't apply make-up more than twice a day.....if you have to reapply
      every hour.....nothing is gonna help ya
    • don't bleach your hair unless you make sure to get the roots too
    • don't put lots of black on your don't want to look like a raccoon
    • if your hair is naturally black...and you dye it blond....make sure you do something about the want a natural look
    • don't wear tight pants if you are gonna have a panty line.....they do make undergarments for tight fitting pants
    • don't wear black pants with brown shoes
    • don't wear stained clothes
    • don't touch your face a'll cause breakouts
    • don't overdo it with the cologne or perfume.....don't put it on more than twice a day