The first grade classes spent the month of March studying the great state of Texas. We learned a lot about Texas!

We studied the Texas symbols and learned the motto of Texas is "friendship," the state bird is the mockingbird, the state flower is the bluebonnet, and the official musical instrument is the guitar! We learned many more things too numerous to list.

In studying the geography of Texas, we learned that Texas is in the United States and is bordered by New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. We also earned some of the largest cities in Texas and located them on a map.

Of course, we had to have a little music to liven things up, so we sang "I'm A Texan," "Texas, Our Texas," "The Yellow Rose of Texas," and "Deep in the Heart of Texas," not to mention "The Eyes of Texas" (hook 'em horns!).

While making our artwork, like cowboy hats and boots, we listened to "God Blessed Texas," and other songs by "Little Texas."

To culminate the study of Texas, each class had its own "reading rodeo." In this rodeo, each contestant had to read as many words as he or she could in one minute; when given a word, name the antonym or the synonymn; arrange the words into sentences; and tell if the word was singular or plural.

The rodeo was a fun time for the students and the teachers.

"General" Garrett "Alarming" Alfonso
"Raging" Reagan
"Radiant" Rexee
"Night Rider" Nathan
"Jumpin'" Jessie
"Dangerous" Destinee
"Pretty" Priscilla