Second Graders Give a HOOT for OWL-O-WEEN

Springlake-Earth Second Graders enjoyed a fun-filled Halloween with OWL-O-WEEN activities. The classes read many books about owls and made an ALL ABOUT OWLS booklet (pattern attached). Then each student read AR books and earned an owl feather for each quiz passed with an 80-100 grade. The owl quickly grew feathers! A barn owl snack was made and enjoyed by the classes. The recipe is below. The classes researched owls on the internet using the site This provided an opportunity to use their dictionary skills. The day was definitely a HOOT! Other OWL-O-WEEN activities included:

  • Owl masks
  • Owl poems
  • Owl booklet on habitats of owls
  • Wise-Up Math worksheet
  • Owl fact/opinion
  • Owl torn paper art
Barn Owl
I might live in a barn, a cave, a tree, or an old building. I might even live in a city!

Great Horned Owl

I live in many different places. My home is often a nest that a hawk, a crow, or an eagle once lived in.

Elf Owl

I live where it is dry. My home is usually a tiny hole in a saguaro cactus.

Burrowing Owl

I live underground in places like the desert and the prairie. I usually live in a hole that another animal dug.

Pygmy Owl

I live in the forest. I make my home in a tree hole. Sometimes the hole is made by a woodpecker!

Snowy Owl

I live in very cold parts of the world where there are very few trees. I nest in the ground.

Barn Owl Look-Alikes


1 slice of brown bread
1 slice of white bread
2 black olives
1 cheese triangle
peanut butter


1. Use cookie cutters to cut a heart from the white bread and a slightly larger circle from the brown bread.
2. Use peanut butter to attach the heart shape to the center of the circle.
3. Use dabs of peanut butter to attach olive eyes and a cheese beak.

A few of the second graders showing off their owl masks.