December 5, 1984



Favorite Class:


Favorite Color:



Sports, watching T.V. with Kori, and hunting.


Football, basketball, track, Honor Society, and FFA.

Pet Peeve:

People who act better than they really are.

College Plan to Attend:

Friends University

Future Plans:

Go into chemistry.

Most Memorable High School Moment:

When I finally dunked it two handed in a basketball game against Farwell, and when I caught an interception against Stratford to help win the game.

Most Embarrassing High School Moment:

One day I was chasing someone and fell and slid all the way down the wooden floors.

Words of Wisdom for Underclassmen:

Enjoy high school while it lasts; when it's over, you're out on your own, without your momma and dad.

Person You Will Miss the Most and Why:

I will miss Kori, because she has been my best friend since our freshman year and my girlfriend for 3 1/2 years.