Site Based Decision Making Team
August 19, 2002

1. Approved minutes of the July 8th meeting.

2. Planning

  • Technology Update
  • DEC Update
  • DEC calendar was presented. The ESC personnel trained the committee on questions that may be asked by TEA at the roundtable discussion.

3. Budgeting

4. Staff Development:

5. Staffing patterns

6. Curriculum

7. Training on DEC visit and updating of SBDM notebooks with new year's data.

  • Updated SBDM notebooks were disseminated and the committee was provided with notebook orientation training.
  • The team discussed the formation and operational guidelines of the Student Assistance Intervention (SAI) team.
Site Based Decision Making Team
October 10, 2002

1. The minutes of the August 19th meeting were approved.

2. Curriculum: Patsy Fisher, of the FACT consortium, presented a video which illustrated how our ITV lab is being utilized.

3. Administrators gave a summary of the DEC visit.

4. Attendees were reminded the band will be performing at the Plainview Marching Festival and the UIL marching contest in Plainview on Oct. 12th and Oct. 19th.

Site Based Decision Making Team
November 14, 2002

1. Minutes of the October meeting were approved as read.

2. Mr. Vaughn was roud to announce the High School students and staff were recognized again as a 5-Star school by Texas Monthly magazine. The rating is based on EOC scores and TAAS scores of 85% proficiency or better. Mr. Vaughn reviewed the end of course exams.

The principals reviewed the TEA report card. Mr. Bigham reviewed the AEIS report for elementary/middle school, and Mr. Vaughn reviewed the AEIS report for high school.

Site Based Decision Making Team
December 12, 2002

1. Minutes of the November meeting were approved as read.

2. Planning: Discussion of up-grading our Long-Range Technology Plan.

3. Budgeting: We did receive REAP money for this year. Each campus is ascertaining the best way to utilitze the money for student success.

4. Staff Development:

  • Several high school teachers have been involved in TAKS workshops and Holistic scoring for writing.
  • Technology teachers have attended workshops that fulfill TIF requirements.
  • Dr. Bigham and Mr. Vaughn will also be attending four days of technology for administrators.
  • A waiver was approved for January 3rd to enable staff to work on these areas.
  • It was decided to group Reading and Language Arts--they will meet in Mrs. Jones' room
  • Social Studies will meet in the high school in room 5.

5. History books are up for adoption this year.

6. Mary Jones informed the committee about SBM information being available on the Sringlake-Earth website.

7. Dr. Bigham reviewed standardized test data for the committee.

Site Based Decision Making Team
March 6, 2003

1. Minutes of the February meeting were approved as read.

2. Planning: Discussion of the 2003-2004 school calendar.

  • Three (3) calendar options were developed by the communications committee for the staff to vote on.

3. Budgeting: Budget cuts for the state could affect a few areas.

  • Legislative update: there is a proposal to abolish current school funding methods, but no plan for new distribution methods. Some costs will likely be passed to the local districts.

4. Staff Development:

  • It was recommended the teachers use the following: ITBS, ESL, GT, Special Education, TAKS, Multimedia and NCLB in addressing academic needs of diverse student populations within the same classroom.

5. Curriculum: Grades 4, 7, 9, 10, and 11 were administered the TAKS test on February 25. The third grade took the TAKS test on March 4.

6. Principal reports:

  • At state level virtually all educational committees have changed members. There has never been a more important time to write state representatives if you have strong feelings about any issues.
Site Based Decision Making Team
April 24, 2003

1. Minutes of the March meeting were approved as read.

2. Planning: Approval of the 2003-2004 school calendar:

  • Due to a change in the open football date (moved from Oct. 3rd to Oct. 10th), the Oct. 10th holiday on calendar option 2 was moved to Oct. 13th, which also corresponds with Columbus Day.

3. Budgeting: Budget cuts for the state could affect textbook purchases. As of this date, the textbook division at TEA has not made textbook ordering available.

4. Staff Development:

5. Curriculum: Update on textbook adoption, PK and Social Studies (1-12) are currently up for adoption.

Site Based Decision Making Team
May 8, 2003

1. Minutes of the April 24th meeting were approved as read.

2. Planning: The 2003-2004 school calendar has been approved by the site-base committee and the board.

3. Budgeting: The district will be hiring one less coach for the next school year.

4. Staff Development:

  • Mr. Vaughn is looking for seven teachers who would be interested in a multimedia workshop (teachers will be paid a stipend of $105 to attend as per the TIF grant.) Six have already signed up. The workshop will likely be the 3rd or 4th of June.
  • ESL
  • GT
  • TRS/financial planning
  • TBSI training
  • Discuss and approve waivers for staff development on:
    Sept. 1st-----full day
    Oct. 1st------early out
    Jan. 2nd-----full day
    April 7th-----early out

5. Curriculum: We are anxiously awaiting TAKS results.

6. Principal reports: Mr. Vaughn reported the student council has donated new trash cans for the front of the high school building and in front of the gym. He also reported the high school number sense team got 3rd place in the state UIL competition. Russell also placed high individually. Ashely has qualified for the state track meet.

7. Input for new-site base members: Several people were suggested.