The current Technology Building, built in 1925, was the first permanent building erected on the present site of the school. Note the desolation of the campus. In an editorial from the November, 1929 edition of the school paper, "The Spring Lake Siren," the following description of the school was given:

"On September 2, 1929 school opened in the modern brick school building of Spring Lake, located at a central point between the communities of Center, Earth and Spring Lake. More than three hundred pupils enrolled. The faculty consisted of two men and nine women instructors, also instructors of music and expression. The building contains nine large recitation rooms, an auditorium, two dressing rooms, two shower baths, an office and a library.

"Seven large buses furnish means of transportation for the scholars. A new Delco furnishes power for a lighting system and water pump for the school. A modern system of heating has been installed. Spring Lake boasts a good football squad and two good basketball teams, as well as two tennis courts, a volley ball court, parallel bars, swings, and see-saws. The campus has ten acres.

"In 1928-1929 Spring Lake applied for classification and received it, also two affiliated credits. The expenditures of 1928-1929 amounted to more than $20,000. By this you can note the progress of Spring Lake School since 1921. At this rate of progress, what will Springlake be in 1940?"