Mrs. Bernice English recalls riding this 1924 school bus in 1926 and 1927, which was a winter of severe snow storms. The bus was cranked but would never start, so a team of horses would be hitched up to pull the bus each morning to start it. (Willie Branscum is in the foreground on a donkey.) Mrs. English tells of being stuck more than once in snow storms. On one occasion, a bus load of children got stuck on a "cow trail road" three miles from the Branscum home. Those on the bus were Opan, Iva Mae, and Leta Teal, Gladys Branscum, Frank Manese, Arvel Branscum (who drove the bus), and Ruby and Susie Wyatt. All of those children had to spend the night at the two room Wyatt home. It was so cold that the Wyatt chickens froze to death. If the children had stayed for dinner, they would have had to eat those chickens because they were out of food. The next morning Arvel walked home through the snow to get help to get the bus out.