Wolverine football has always been an exciting part of school here, even when played on an un-groomed field "full of goat heads". Pictured above is the 1930 football team. In an article from "The Spring Lake Siren" (May, 1930 issue) the football prospects for the 1930/1931 school year are assessed:

"Captain Pody Welch will have some good material to begin his season in September. He will have nine letter men. 'Buster' Nelson at center is well named. 'Peewee' Angeley at left guard with one hundred ninety pounds is well able to stop up a hole. 'Blonde' Craigo in back field is a fairly good track man. 'Smiley' King at right guard is just slightly less heavy than 'Peewee'. 'Sheik' Simmons can play football for the ladies. 'Joke' McKinney can be honor student and play backfield. 'Slim' and 'Shorty' Churchwell are brothers to be dreaded if passes are needed. Captain 'Red' Welch and Coach 'Red' Mobley with their letter men should be able to use the new material and build a cotton sack full of 'five spots'."