Barden, Carrie Bills, Elaine Bosquez, Ricky Brown, Lynn
Bulls, Laurinda Burress, Carye Byers, Steve Clayton, DeAnne
Clayton, Keith Craft, Timmy Fennell, Lexie Field, Lindsey
Fulfer, Pat Gonzales, Joe Gover, Bobby Herriage, James
Hinson, Kent Hood, Linda Jones, Sharon Koite, Michael
Lewis, Petra Lewis, Rosie Moore, Allen Moore, Dean
Moore, Kelly Ontiveros, Elizar Pittman, Lisa Pittman, Christie
Phifer, Phil Randolph, Jimmy Robinson, Karen Sawyer, Cary
Smith, Johnny Taylor, Doniece Vaughn, Byron White, David
Wright, Vicki Sponsors: Bill Anderson and Marie Slover
Superintendent: William L. Mann
High School Principal: R. B. May
Junior High Principal: Cecil Slover
Grade School Principal: W. P. Verden

Class Officers:

Valedictorian: Karen Robinson
Salutatorian: Timmy Craft

Mr. & Miss S.H.S.
Christie Pittman & Lexie Fennell

Student Council Officers:
Lexie Fennell
Vice President: Rosie Davis
Paula Verden
Sue Jones

Homecoming King & Queen:
Elizar Ontiveros & DeAnne Clayton

Basketball King and Queen:
Ronnie James & Christie Pittman

Class Favorites:
James Herriage and Petra Lewis

Class Song
(Tune: You Light Up My Life)

The time has come that we must depart, although we'll miss you we must go ahead, down through the years--you've tried to guide us, we'll always reflect on the path we have trod.

Chorus: And you brightened our lives, you gave us hope, to carry on, and we have faith to fulfill our dreams and goals.

Forward we go--as we leave dear Springlake High, these cherished moments we'll never forget, finally the chance to say, Hey! We love you--our parents, our teachers, our schoolmates, our all.

Chorus And you brightened our lives, you gave us hope, to carry on, and we have the faith to fulfill our goals aim high they can't be wrong, for you were there strong cause you--you loved and led us.


Cherish the past; live for today;
and strive for tomorrow.

Class Yell

We're the Volverines; one of a kind;
Senior Class of '79!


White Carnation


Blue and Silver