Earth, Texas is a small farming community located approximately 70 miles northwest of Lubbock, 90 miles southwest of Amarillo, 45 miles west of Plainview, and 40 miles east of the Texas/New Mexico line. State Highway 70 and Farm Road 1055 intersect at the only stop light in this northwestern Lamb county town.

Earth's History

Established in 1924 by William E. Halsell, Earth was first called "Tulsa," but the postal authorities rejected this name. Although it is not clear how the name Earth was chosen, most people believe that a local resident, O. H. Reeves, suggested the name "Good Earth" because of the fertile soil in the surrounding area. However, the name was shortened to Earth and a post office was estabished on May 25, 1925.

The community continued to grow and many businesses emerged. The town's population hit its peak in 1980 at 1,512. This economic growth was due, in part, to the development of irrigation on the farms and the establishement of Plant X, an electrical plant three miles south of Earth.

Present day Earth

Today, Earth consists of several businesses and a state recognized school. The businesses range from a farm supply to a flower shop to several restaurants.

There are organizations such as the Earth Lions Club, Senior Citizens, and Wolverine Booster Club. All meet regularly and help promote our community. Also, there are five churches which meet weekly:


Earth has a few eating places that have been around for several years. If you visit Earth, you may want to try these.

The Dairy Queen opened in the early 1970s. They serve American favorites such as hamburgers and french fries as well as chicken strip baskets and tacos. You may remember our Dairy Queen commercial in 1989. That was probably one of the most exciting things that ever happened in Earth.

During the day, you will find senior citizens at the Dairy Queen drinking coffee and catching up on news. Also, high school students enjoy socializing there every Friday in the fall months after pep rallies.

Dairy Queen

The Wolverine is a family owned restaurant that has been around since 1927. They serve home-cooked meals that will satisfy anyone's appetite. The Wolverine is also a favorite hangout for retired men in our community.

The Earth Locker is locally owned and operated by Carlos Duran and his family. They butcher meat and serve barbeque brisket and beef jerky to the public each Saturday at noon. They also cater many functions.

Earth Locker

The Pizza Place is also a family owned business that was establiched in 2000. They double as Earth's only video rental store.

As Earth's only convenience store, Allsup's is a favorite hangout for kids and local cops. Allsup's "famous burritos" are their most popular item sold.

The Springlake-Earth Independent School District has a highly educated administration and staff as well as hard working and gifted students. The school campus is located halfway between the communities of Springlake and Earth. Our school colors are green and gold, while our mascot is the Wolverine. The school consolidates the communities of Springlake, Earth, Sunnyside, Big Square, and Pleasant Valley. S-E participates in University Interscholastic League (UIL) events. These activities include both academic meets and sports such as football, basketball, track, golf, and tennis. Our town is especially proud of our football team, who advanced to the playoffs for 12 consecutive years (from 1990-2002.) Our school is very strong academically--the high school campus has been ranked as the 4th best school in the state. The junior high is ranked in the top three percent, and the elementary is in the top seven percent of all Texas schools. Currently there are 401 students enrolled on the high school, junior high, and elementary campuses.


The town of Earth may be small, but we do have some interesting attractions, which range from a city swimming pool to a baseball park to the Earth Amateur Rodeo, which is held each summer. We are also very proud of our Veterans Wall that is located on the Springlake-Earth school grounds. It was dedicated on November 11, 2003.

Earth and the surrounding area are ideal for hunting. Other attractions include the school/public library (also located on the school campus) and the senior citizens center.


The weather in Earth is typical to the Texas region. In the summer, temperatures often reach the high nineties, while in the winter, temperatures sometimes fall to below freezing. We receive very little precipitation and are used to high winds.

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This information was gathered by the 2003-2004 Springlake-Earth BCIS II class: Alyssa, Hannah, and Jessica