Second Grade Science

Unit #1

Unit: Dinosaurs

BEFORE WE BEGIN: Set up dinosaurs around the room. check out dinosaur books. Run off papers. Needed: clay or plaster of paris, cookies, toothpicks, plastic dinosaurs, bulletin board dinosaurs, videos -- Digging Up Dinosaurs (Library), Eyewitness video, Dinosaurs (Mrs. Coker), gummy dinosaurs, Land Before Time movie, cooking supplies for Dino Food.


TEKS: Science 2.2 bcef, 2.3 abc, 2.5 b, 2.6 a d, 2.7 a, 2.9 ab, 2.10 b

DAY 1: Fossils and paleontologists.

Materials needed: science books, clay plastic dinosaurs, cheap chocolate chip cookies, small paper plates, toothpicks

1. Read and discuss p. 58-60 in Discover Science books.

2. Make fossils with a small piece of clay and the foot of plastic dinosaurs. Students can take these home.

3. Hand out a cookie, paper plate, and a toothpick to have a fossil dig. Students are to gently and carefully pick out the chocolate chips. Eat the crumbs left!

Day 2: Art -- foot print Stegosaurus

Materials needed: tagboard

1. Trace around the child's foot on a piece of tagboard.

2. Have children add a head and tail with all the spikes.

3. Color any way they want.

4. Write their name + osaurus. "Jenniferosaurus"

Day 3: Plant eaters and Meat eaters

Materials needed: Discover Science book p. 62-69, bulletin board dinosaurs, tape.

1. Hand out the dinosaur pieces to each student.

2. Begin reading p. 62-69. Discuss as you go which dinosaur ate meat and which ones ate plants.

3. Have students tape their dinosaur on the wall under "Plant Eaters" or "Meat Eaters" as you read about it.

*Announce the DinoRama Boxes and send notes home. Make sure each student has clay and a box to use.

Day 4: Dinosaur Day Booklet

Materials needed: Dino booklet for each student, crayons and markers.

1. Hand out a Dino booklet to each student and have them creatively write their name on the front cover.

2. Read and discuss p. 4-5 Brontosaurus. Answer questions.

3. Read and discuss p. 6-7 Stegosaurus. Answer questions.

4. Color p. 4-7.

Day 5: Booklet cont.

Materials needed: Dinosaur Days booklet, crayons and markers.

1. Read and discuss p. 8-9 Allosaurus. Answer questions.

2. Read and discuss p. 12-13 Trachodon. Answer questions.

3. Read and discuss p. 26-27 Triceratops. Answer questions.

4. Color p. 8-27.

Day 6: Reading Rainbow

Materials needed: Digging Up Dinosaurs

1. Watch the Reading Rainbow "Digging Up Dinosaurs" on VCR.

2. Read Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki aloud.

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