I interviewed my grand-mother. Her name is Alicia. My grandmother was born in Cerralvo, Mexico. She liked to play with dolls. She only had fun from nine to one. She likes to clean and spend time with her grandkids. She worked out in the field to make a living. She helped harvest beans and corn. I love my grandmother.


I interviewed Bonnie Jo. She was born in Tyler. She liked to make mud pies. She cried the first few weeks of school. She reads books and plays the piano. She told me a story about a turtle that bit her on the finger. I love my Grandma!

Zack, JoEddy, and Ray Joe

I interviewed my JoJo. Her name is JoEddy but I call her JoJo. She was born in Amarillo. As a child she rode her bicycle. Now she plays with her grandchildren. She told me about when my uncle killed a bird with a corn cob. And I love her.