Zach and Johnnye

I interviewed my Grandma. My Grandma's name is Johnnye. My Grandma was born in Pampa, Texas. She loved playing cowboys and Indians with her brother Bo. She loved her teacher and math and handwriting. My Grandma loves me.

Zach and Frances

I interviewed my Grandma. Her name is Frances. She was born in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. She played games, listened to the radio, and went to movies. The movies cost 10 cents. She had reading and writing and arithmetic. She played games. She had no videos or computers. She likes to read, play games, on the computer, and cook for my family. One time my Grand told me a story. "We had to walk to school, so I like to tell my grandchildren how far we walked to get to school. Our cokes cost 5 cents and ice cream cones cost 5 cents."