Earth, TX 79031

October 2005

Dear Soldier,

Hope you are all well and have strength in you. Help other people look out for them, and you are always to be with Jesus. I always wondered what it is like to be a strong soldier. I always think of it as a place where you have to wear the same uniform and stand up straight. You are all very good soldiers. I would like to know how it is to stand up straight all the time and have to do that every day.

My name is Areli, and I go to the Springlake-Earth School.  I am in the 6th grade.  It is lots of fun because I get to talk to my friends. I like running track and playing basketball with my friends. But what I really like to do best is play with my dog. But he gets tired really fast because he is old. I always ask my mom and dad if they can get me a new puppy. But they say not until Christmas or October 29. I am going to be 12 years old. So I hope I get a puppy this year because I love puppies a whole lot.