Earth, TX 79031

Dear Soldier,
            How are you?  I hope that you are doing well. I wanted to let you know that even though the hurricanes are big in the news right now, we still haven’t forgotten about ya’ll.  We still remember that you are going out there and risking your life for someone else, and I really and truly respect you for that.
            As for me, I am in the eighth grade. (But my basketball coach thinks I am a seventh grader because I am so short.)  Anyway, I play basketball, try to run cross country, and run track.  I have two pets; a dog named Daisy and a guinea pig named Spunkey. I like to read, and yes I know that is a little strange for a girl my age, but when I read, it makes me feel as if I am right there in the book. 
            I just want you to know that your family must be very proud of you because I know I am.  I also want you to know that you are a great inspiration to me.
                                                                                                God Bless,