October 2005


Dear Soldier,

           I appreciate all the things you do for this country. You work so hard, and I am so glad that our country has someone brave and willing to fight for all of America. I hope you like your job, no matter what you do. Thank you so much for keeping all of the families in the United States free. I cannot thank you enough for what you do for America.

           I am twelve years old and in the seventh grade. I have two siblings. One is in the fourth grade, and the other has already graduated from college. I take piano lessons every Wednesday at 4:30. I have six cows, two horses, twenty-seven chickens, two dogs, two cats, and a pig. My dad works in Lubbock, and my mom works at home. I live out in the middle of nowhere on a two mile square of land. We attend church every Sunday at Rocky Ford Baptist Church. It is just a small country church, but it is nice. All of my family lives on Highway 385, and we eat lunch every Sunday after church. I am involved in sports, which includes basketball, cross country, and track.

           I am so thankful that my family lives in a free country!

Thank you,