October 2005 

Dear Soldier,     

First of all, I want to thank you for all you are doing in Iraq. You don’t know how much we all appreciate it. All of the soldiers are down there helping the people and fighting for our country. We really appreciate it. Thank You!

            My name is Summer. I live in Earth, Texas, and yes that really is it’s name. I live about three miles out into the country with my parents, brother, and sister.  My brother is three; he is very energetic! He loves to play outside and loves to play with animals.  I am twelve years old, so I am like a second mother to him. That’s not always a good thing! My sister is nine; she is so annoying! She thinks she is as old as me! As you can imagine, we get into a lot of fights. My dad is a “cowboy.” I guess you could call him that since he owns a feedyard and some land.  My mom is a stay at home mom so she deals with my brother all day. We are a very busy family!

            I am in seventh grade at Springlake-Earth Jr. High (it’s a combined school). I have a lot of friends; they are all dorks, but we have a lot of fun anyway. This year is my first year to be able to be involved in sports, and it is so fun! I play basketball, run cross country, and track.  Cross country I could do without, but everything else is okay.

            All my classes are the usual, and I am a great student. The only class I really don’t like is band. I play the clarinet, and I squeak a lot. Band is not my favorite subject.

            I love to listen to music. I mostly listen to country, but I listen to rock sometimes. I like to read but not for hours. I am a pretty good artist. I love to draw and design stuff. I am a very artistic person.

             I guess you could say I have an okay life, but if it wasn’t for people like you, it wouldn’t be this good. So thanks for all you do, and my prayers and best wishes are with you! Thank You!

Your friend,