July 27, 1988
Favorite Color:
Purple or Blue
Favorite Class:
2nd & 3rd Grade P.E.
Basketball, shopping, hanging out, and learning guitar.
Basketball, golf, track, cross country, FFA, and youth.
College Plan to Attend:
Howard Payne or South Plains
Future Plans:
Go to college and get my business degree, then move to Dallas or Austin.
Most Memorable High School Moment:
Going to state in basketball, and Andrew's air freshner incident.
Most Embarrassing Moment:
Ice skating at the Galleria, and Bovina almost beating us with only 3 players.
Words of Wisdom for Underclassmen:
Unless you are impressed with yourself, don't try to impress others.
What will you miss most about high school? Why?:
Showing pigs and basketball.
Who will you miss the most? Why?:
Laura and Coach Been
Most Used Phrase/Saying:
Oh, my gosh!
Pet Peeve:
Smacking and Drama
Greatest Fear in Life:
What is strange and/or unique about you?:
I'm scared of midgets. My laugh.
What was (or still is) your favorite Disney movie as a child?
Peter Pan
Who was your elementary or Jr. High crush?:
Elem.-Russel Verdan, Jr.H.-Coach Smith
Olga and Jerry also helped put slides together.