Do I need to take an Admissions Test?    It depends--

Where do you plan to start college?
A junior college (like South Plains College)  or a university (like Texas Tech)?

How much time do you want to spend in college?  One year?  Five years?

Let me give you some facts to help you think about it further:
By Admissions Test, we usually refer to the ACT or the SAT.
After high school graduation, you can go on to several different levels of education, depending on your abilities, interests, finances, and amount of time you want to invest.

 This chart is general information.  For specific information, it is best to consult the catalog of the college that most interests you.  You can write most colleges for a copy, or go on line.  Lots of colleges and universities now have their catalogs on line.  You can go back to the College Admissions Information section of this website to find links to colleges.

Type   of Degree

Type of college

Usual Time to Complete

Admissions Test


Junior College

1 year


Associate’s Degree

Junior College

2 years


Bachelor’s Degree

College or University

4 – 5 years


 *Read each college’s admissions requirements.  If you wish to apply for a scholarship, most colleges will require either an ACT or SAT!