Special Programs

Federal Programs Planning for 2005-2006 School Year

  • Team input on programs and use of funds
    • Consider needs of students on each campus
    • Consider success/problems of current year

Title I, Part A: Schoolwide Program

  • Consider academic needs of students, especially at-risk of failing TAKS/low-income/minorities
  • Teachers highly qualified (5% set aside)
  • Paraprofessional Qualification requirements
  • Parent Involvement
    • Opportunities for parents/yearly calendar of events
    • Schoolwide Compacts
    • Adopt policy for each campus
  • Homeless students served

Title I, Part C: Migrant

  • Serve migrant students and target priority of services students:
    • Migrant students failing or likely to fail
    • Migrant students whose education has been interrupted by moves

Title II, Part A: Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting (TPTR)

  • Purpose: To increase student academic achievement in the following ways:
    • Improve teacher/principal quality
      • Determine needs for professional development and hiring
      • Coordinate professional development
      • Integrate with Title II, Technology
      • Private school participation to be equitable in professional development if they elect to participate
    • Reduce class size (target largest class size)
  • REAP flexibility

Title II, Part D: Technology

  • Technology needs
  • Coordinate technology professional development with TPTR
  • REAP flexibility

Title III, Bilingual/ESL

  • Under $10,000 district must join a shared seervice arrangemenet (SSA)

Title IV, Part A: Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities

  • Select scientifically based program based on needs of students
  • Parent input and consultation to be on-going
  • REAP flexibility

Title V, Part A: Innovative Program

  • Supplementary funds for all students and all staff
  • REAP flexibility
  • 30 different areas
    • Library services and materials
    • Reduce class size
    • Professional development
    • Technology
    • Assessment and curricular materials
    • Reform/improvement projects
    • Gifted
    • Alternative Education programs
    • School safety
    • Early Childhood/Pre K
    • Adult literacy
    • Community service/community involvement
    • Health services
    • Title I, Part A: Schoolwide Programs

Title VI, Sect. 6211, REAP

  • Program allows *funds to be redirected into Title I Program
  • Program does not provide additional funds, but allows flexibility
    • Redirected funds are used like Title I dollars
    • Restrictions are same as Title I