Our unit of study has been "Friends" for the past two weeks. We decided that the theme would work well around Valentine's Day, since we think of our friends at that time.

We began our "Friend" unit by reading some of the following easy books:


We then read the Predictable Storybook "With A Friend" by Elva Robinson. After reading it serveral times and discussing it, we made our own book and illustrated it. We kept these books at school and practiced reading them everyday. On Friday, we made No Bake Cookies for our Second Grade Reading Buddies. We took them each a cookie and read "With A Friend" to them, and presented them with a "Hand of Friendship" Valentine we had made for them. The Second Graders them read each of us a Valentine book of their choice.

We made Valentine Sacks and brought Valentine's for each of our Kindergarten friends.

We wrote a letter to a friend and leadrned how to address and mail it through our School Post Office.

We discussed what a good friend should be like. We decide that we all wanted to work hard to be a better friend! This unit made us thankful for all of our friends!

You might want to look at this site: www.ucs.mun.ca/~sherryw/friend.htm