Taken from The Spring Lake Siren, Volume 1, Number 6. May 13, 1929

(Typed exactly as written in the 1929 Siren.)


Our class is, at the present time, engrossed in the study of Poultry. During the previous few weeks we have been occupied with dairy studies and dairy cow judging, making fifteen or sixteen trips to judge cows.

Some of the boys from the agriculture class went to the Panhandle Dairy Show at Plainview and made a fair grade in cow judging. Leslie goes to College Station in July. We hope Habgood and Fred Randolph have plans of attending the short course. We wish them luck.

Since we began our study of poultry the Home Economics girls employed us to dry pick some hens for the banquet. We had learned that three hundred and sixty eggs a year is a good record for a hen but we never dreamed that a hen was so hard to pick. We killed an old hen and began to pick her; but when we got her about half picked she began to squawk. After we killed her again she was alright and didn't squawk any more.

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