Taken from The Spring Lake Siren, Volume 1, Number 6. May 13, 1929

(Typed exactly as written in the 1929 Siren.)


You have heard it talked that we are in need of some more room at the school and something is to be done about it. Yes, we are badly in need of more room and the board is submitting to the citizens of this community the proposition of voting a $1500 bond to add four new class rooms to the present building. No doubt some of you will shrink when the bond is mentioned, but do not shudder until you understand the purpose and what it will mean to you in the form of taxes. We are at present bonded for $30,000 which costs us $1000 a year interest and $500 a year for the sinking fund. Figured on the same basis this $1500 bond would cost us an additional expense of $1150 per year. At present time with the present expense our taxes bring us in a sufficient amount to cover this additional cost without raising the valuation any. You may say if this is true why is it necessary to vote a bond? We must have ready money to build with and this is the only means by which it may be raised. At the close of the school year there will be a surplus in the treasury but his will be needed to buy some new trucks and to bear the expense of the school until the tax money begins to come in for next year. If you are interested in your school and the general welfare of the school children of this community you will support this bond issue whole heartedly, for it is a necessity to the growth and development of our school. If you are not satisfied with these facts, then investigate for yourself before you decide how you will vote. Let's get this thing to moving so the additions will be completed before the beginning of next September.

The bond issue passed and new classrooms were added to the only building on campus. Notice the the change in brick color in the wing on the left. These two rooms and the restroom/shower were added in the summer of 1929. The central raised roof covered the school auditorium--a central room in the building which was used each day during Chapel exercises.

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