"The Story of Dic Tator and the Tall Boston Tree"

written and illustrated by

Greg and James

Once upon a time there lived a big, bad, ugly monster who was known by his peers as Dr. Evil. He tried to make everybody think that he was such a nice guy, but everybody knew what he was really like on the inside. He always demanded respect and never found anyone to get along with. He was a member of the Tator family , and his nickname was "Dic Tator."

Once Sunday afternoon after church, he acted as if he were helping an old lady cross the street. Instead, he pushed her down and stole her purse while no one was watching. In her purse he found a can of Boston Baked Beans. When he got home, he opened the can and tried one of the beans. He did not like them, so he threw the rest of the beans into the backyard. The next day, after a good night's sleep, he woke up and saw a shadow in his window. He looked out the back door and saw a huge Boston tree sprouting in his yard. In less than two days, the tree was fully grown and had a perfect place to live at the top.

Three days later, the townspeople found out that Dr. Evil, aka "Dic Tator," stole the woman's purse and before they could find him, he had climbed up 200 feet into his new, fully grown Boston tree. The townspeople noticed the gigantic marvel in his backyard. Everyone was scared to climb the tree, except for one courageous boy named Kid Rock, who was the bravest kid in the whole town. He always enjoyed climbing trees, telephone poles, and water towers. The townspeople cheered the young boy on and admired his courage and bravery. After Kid Rock put on his Duff climbing shoes, he climbed up the tree while he sang the blues. As he got to the top, he yelled, "Dr. Evil, you better come down before I shake this tree, and we both go tumbling down!"

Dr. Evil never answered, but you could definitely tell that something huge was hiding in the tree, because it was leaning a little bit to the west. After a while, Dr. Evil got so hungry that he just had to surrender. He started descending the tree, and the poor limb just could not take it anymore. It gave way and broke, sending Dr. Evil plummeting to the ground, landing with an abrupt halt. Wow, what an earthquake! It was a seven on the Richter scale! Luckily, Kid Rock moved out of the way just in time and the falling Dr. Evil missed him by just a few inches. As Dr. Evil hit the ground, the police caught on to his evil scheme and arrested him on the spot. He was then escorted to jail and sentenced to ten years in the county jail.



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