"Betsy Goes to the Show"

written and illustrated by

Lina and Chrissy

A new baby heifer has been born! Everyone was so happy, especially little Joe. He was finally going to get to show a heifer at the stock show. The heifer's name was Betsy.

Poor little Betsy was rejected because she was ugly, but not from everyone. Little Joe took care of her no matter what she looked like.

Little Joe didn't understand why the animals rejected Betsy. Little Joe loved Betsy and wanted the farm animals to love her the same.

Slowly, Little Joe started working with her to get her ready for the Big Show.

Betsy was working better, and best of all, mom and dad were interested in his project. He felt really successful.

Little Joe's parents helped him wash, dry, and comb Betsy's hair. Once they were finished, they began clipping and grooming Betsy for the County Fair.

Little Joe was so excited, he was having trouble sleeping at night. Morning finally came. Little Joe and his dad loaded the trailer and Betsy. Off to the County Fair they went.

They arrived at the fair, unloaded the trailer, and got settled. Betsy was feeling very nervous because of her new surroundings. The show was about to begin.

It was the Big Show day. Mom and dad helped Little Joe groom Betsy. She looked so pretty. Little Joe wished the farm animals could see her now.

Little Joe showed Betsy like a dream. Surprisingly, she won 1st Place! All of Little Joe's hard work had paid off. He sold Betsy for $100,000. After all, her looks were worth much more than they appeared.

The End

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