Miss SEHS: Sue Jones

Candidates: Carrie Been and Kim Haydon


Mr. SEHS: Kenny Wright

Candidates: Kevin Riley and Greg Geissler

Most Likely to Succeed: Sue Jones and Kenny Wright

Candidates: Julio Samarron and Michael Graham

Most Courteous: Johnny Samaniego and Paula Verden

Candidates: Chester Robinson and Flora Garcia, Jeffrey Jones and Michelle McCarty,

Danny DeLeon and Melinda Zamora

Best Dressed: Sebastian Padilla and Stephanie Parish

Candidates: Glenn Craft and Tamara Jones, Billy Goldsmith and Jennifer Kellar,

Danny DeLeon and Betty DeGrate

Smile King and Queen: Melvin James and Alice Reyes

Candidates: Louis DeGrate and Angie Marquez, Arturo Samarron and Elma Gavana,

Roy James and Jean Smith

Wittiest: Shane Kinnison and Kim Denham

Candidates: Stan Runyon and Sharla Herring, Willie DeGrate and Amy Gonzales,

Bobby Pyle and Stephanie Herring

Most Beautiful & Most Handsome: Byron Smith and Jeanne Haydon

Candidates: Jim Gonzales and Carrie Been, Cliff James and Patricia Everett,

Dave Cleavinger and Betty Ruiz

Most Bashful: Jim Gonzales and Beverly King

Candidates: Glen Hauseman and Teresa Lunsford, Mark Parish and Stacy Tunnell,

Rocky Lunsford and Jean Smith

Bonfire King & Queen: Stephanie Tunnell and Mike Smith

Homecoming King and Queen: Rudy DeLeon and Kim Haydon

Candidates: Carrie Been and Kevin Riley, Nancy Ramirez and Kenny Wright

Basketball Queen & King: Jeanne Haydon and Lonnie Neinast

Candidates: Sue Jones and Jeff Burk, Carrie Been and Kenny Wright

FHA Dreamboy and FFA Sweethart: Kim Haydon and Clifford James

FFA Plowgirl and FHA Buddy: Lonnie Neinast and Darcy Randolph

Senior Favorites: Donna Bellows and Lonnie Neinast


Pink and Burgundy



"You've Got a Friend



"Our journey shall never end, Our dreams shall never die."



"We're the Wolverines, don't mean maybe, Senior Class of 1980!"



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