Interview with Kaci Gregory Miller - Vice-President and member of the Class of 1990

Topic-Weekend fun in 1990:

Question-What were the happening things to do in 1990?




Examples of other events for the weekends:

Everyone went on the drag. It was where everyone would see each other. They'd meet at the bank parking lot and decide what they were going to do for the night.

Every year, Kaci and all the other adventurous kids would get a group of freshmen and take them "Snipe Hunting." They would give every freshman a brown paper bag and a stick. They would take them out in the middle of a field and make them look for a "snipe. " What all the freshman didn't know was that there was no such thing as a snipe. After the freshman had been in field for over an hour or so, Kaci and the others would go get them and tell them the whole prank.

During the winter, when it actually snowed, everyone who had four wheelers or three wheelers would go to the school and ride around the campus. They would tie a rope to the back of the four wheeler, or three wheeler, and attach the rope to a huge dish. About two or three people would get on the dish, and the person driving the four wheeler /three wheeler would take off and drag them around the campus, until they all fell off.

Topic-School in 1990's:

Question-Comparing high school now to high school in 1990, what was different?





Question-What was something special your class did at graduation?




Topic-Other memories of 1990:

Question-What was your favorite young adult memory?





Special Thanks-I would like to give Kaci Gregory Miller a special thank you for sharing all of your great memories with me. You are such a wonderful and fun person to talk to; thank you for your cooperation and time that you gave me. You're a great inspiration to all, and I wish you and your family the very best of luck. Thanks again.



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