First grade made a study of Texas in March. We read the book, Tumbleweed Tom on the Texas Trail, and we made a tour around Texas from Amarillo to Brownsville. We learned about the different land regions, the crops and animals raised in each region, and the wildlife animals found all over the state of Texas. We located our state of Texas on a U.S. map and learned the four states that border Texas, and the country and body of water that border Texas on the south. We learned our state symbols and we learned how to sing our state song, "Texas our Texas."

To end our unit we had a Texas Celebration and all dressed in our Texas Duds. We invited Hollis and Charlotte Cain to our celebration, and Mr. Cain presented a program on chuckwagon cooking and the history of ranching in Texas. To go with our cowboy stew and beef jerky, Mr. Cain brought along skillets of his chuckwagon biscuits and honey for us to enjoy. After our meal, we sang various songs of Texas and enjoyed stick horse races, jump rope contests, and other games.

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