Birthday: April 26

Age: 19

College you plan to attend, and your plans there:

Attend South Plains College and major in Radiology Tech

Future Plans:

Get a good job, have a family, and make a lot of money


Working at Lowe's, sleeping, and spending time with my boyfriend Juan B.

Favorite Class:

Leadership; it's like study hall; Online Newspaper Class; Chemistry; English; Economics; Government; Spanish; Pre-Calculus; Business Computer Information Systems

Favorite High School Memory:

When Audrae stuck her foot in her mouth during Leadership class, and the great football games

Most embarrassing moment:

When I was talking to Mr. Hickford, and I slipped on the ice and fell in front of the Jr. High kids

What will you miss most about high school:

Seeing my friends in the hall every morning and fighting with all the crazy senior guys

What will you miss least about high school:

All the stupid rules, grumpy teachers, and having to get up so early to go to school

Who will you miss most and why:

April, Ida, and Kim because they are my best friends, and I won't see them at college

Activities and Organizations:

FCCLA; One Act Play; Junior Class Secretary; UIL Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, and Calculator.