Birthday: October 3

Age: 18

College you plan to attend, and your plans there:

South Plains for a year, than transfer to Covenant School of Nursing to become a cardiac nurse

Future Plans:

Become a nurse and possibly later become a cardiac surgeon


Hanging out with friends, listening to music, and spending time with my family

Favorite Class:

Computer Applications; English

Favorite High School Memory:

Playing pranks on April and Felicia

What will you miss most about high school:

My friends and playing pranks on April and Felicia

What will you miss least about high school:

Mrs. Williams' long tests

Who will you miss most and why:

Felicia and Gloria because they are my best friends

What advice do you have for lower class men:

Work hard in school, but don't forget to have fun

Activities and Organizations:

Who's Who Among American High School Students; FCCLA; yearbook staff; online newspaper staff