Birthday: July 4

Age: 17

College you plan to attend, and your plans there:

I plan on becoming a surgical technician

Future Plans:

Get married, have kids in about 5 years, go to the University of Houston to become a medical microbiologist


Hanging out with friends, listening to jams, being with my boyfriend Jessie

Favorite Class:

Computer Applications; Child Development; English IV

Favorite High School Memory:

Getting to come to high school from 8th to 9th grade, and coming back as a junior from Alvin

What will you miss most about high school:

Being able to talk to my friends

What will you miss least about high school:

Having to do homework

Who will you miss most and why:

All my friends, especially the seniors

What advice do you have for lower classmen:

Live life while you can and when you become seniors, you'll understand and know what you missed out on

Activities and Organizations:

HOSA (Health Occupational Students of America); FCCLA