Last Tuesday, February 4, our juniors participated in the annual job shadowing experience known as Groundhog Day. We would like to share some of their experiences with you--

If you didn't get to see Matthew's hockey puck before he transferred, you really missed something. Mrs. Jones did get a good picture of him. He had an exciting day--he got to walk on the ice in the coliseum, and they also gave him season tickets! He got to visit the Cotton Kings Hockey office in Lubbock.

Krista thought she wanted to be a dentist! After visiting a dentist office in Plainview, she wrote, "I learned what the difference was between a dentist, dental assistant, and dental hygienist." She confessed to her class, however, that she didn't want to be a dentist because she just couldn't give people those shots with those big needles! This has saved her some valuable time in college realizing this as early as she did.

Paul visited City Electric in Plainview and learned how to put an electrical plug in light fixtures, light switches and an oven. His mentor put him with several different electricians to watch.

Heather got to see the inside of the meats lab in Texas Tech's Ag program. Since she really wants to go to South Plains College and West Texas, she now can make a better choice when she visits WT next year for her college day! She got to see Tech's greenhouse and a lab system used in space to determine what seeds will do in zero gravity.

While Matt visited a doctor's office in Plainiew, he learned how tele-medicine works and also that we are supposed to get such a clinic here in Earth!

Would you like to sit in the cockpit of a T-38? Russell did when he visited Lubbock Aero. He said he also got to see what aviation engineers do and what is required of them.

Did you ever wonder what the nurses really feel about the doctors (besides what you see on TV!)? Tisha got to hear them first hand. She also got to watch an angiogram heart procedure at Covenant Hospital in Plainview.

Very few students ever get to ride in an airplane--ask Curt about his flying experience at Stratos Aviation. He can also tell you what it takes to get your pilot's license.

After walking around Texas Tech's Health Sciences Center, Hannah decided she didn't want a job involving health or medicine! Imagine having to walk all over UMC or Covenant in Lubbock all day long, everyday!