Busses in line beside the school building. Note the windmill in the background that served as the sole water supply for the school. According to a former student, the water tank would frequently freeze during the winter months and the students would have to ascend to the tank to chip out the ice to allow the water to flow so that the football boys could take showers in the ice cold water.

At one time, Spring Lake claimed to transport a larger percent of its student body to school than any other school in the United States--about 99 percent. The following is an article from "The Spring Lake Siren", November 1929:

"Spring Lake has the best fleet of busses in Lamb County. Five Chevrolet trucks were purchased from B & M Chevrolet in Earth and mounted with fine enclosed bodies manufactured by the Rhodes Body Works at Lubbock, Texas. These busses are so constructed that they will seat forty-five passengers with ease and comfort. They are an orange color to match the new bus of last year. Since practically 100 percent of the student body is transported in these busses it is necessary that they be comfortable and safe. One valuable thing about them is their low construction that tends to balance them and avoid turning over easily. With careful drivers these new busses are just what a school of this type needs and should use in their transportation."

It should be noted that the "careful drivers" mentioned were largely high school boys hired for the task!