Pictured above are the Spring Lake faculty members for the 1929/1930 school year. It's interesting to note that the entire budget for faculty salaries for the first 8 months of that school year was $9,804.50. That works out to about $102 per month in salary for each of these dedicated individuals. Following is a listing of the job descriptions for each of these teachers:

Miss Pearl Dobbs was the Primary (first grade) teacher.

Mrs. Irene Whatley taught fifth grade.

Miss Clifford Shaffer taught the second and third grades with 46 pupils enrolled in her classroom.

Miss Aubrey Bradford was head of the English department teaching two English classes in the grammar school as well.

Mrs. Elmer Davenport taught sixth grade and Home Economics. By the way, the Home Economics department and Mrs. Davenport were the only source of a "hot lunches" at school at that time.

Mrs. H. A. McClanahan taught the fourth grade with 34 pupils enrolled.

Miss Martha Tannery was head of the history department and taught four seventh grade subjects as well.

Mrs. Carl Clifft was a teacher of music. She conducted her classes composed of 12 pupils in her home.

Carl G. Clifft was the superintendent. He also taught four high school mathematics classes and two study hall periods each day.

Mr. C. A. Wilkins was the principal and coach of Spring Lake High school. He taught science, civics, and seventh grade mathematics as well as coaching the high school athletics.

Mrs. C. A. Wilkins was the Librarian and Secretary.