Barton, Karen Cowley, Linda Blanton Byers, Danny
Carr, Ivey Jean Crisp, Sandra Coker, Marilyn
Cain, Rocky Clayton, Vicki Dent, Beth
Gregory, Tommy Kelley, Beverly Jaquess, Alice
King, Jack Hucks, Mary Parker, Sue
Middleton, Phil Martens, Janet Ortiz, Isabel
Packard, Ray Tom Layman, Janis Powell, Aline
Patterson, John Sanders, Pruda Kay Sanderson, Joan
Powell, Harold Smith, Bobbie Smith, Gwen
Sanders, Darwin Townsend, Brenda Upchurch, Peggy
Sawyer, Gayle Ussery, Linda Pat Walker, Shirley
Superintendent: Bill Mann
High School Principal:
D. H. Koeninger
Junior High Principal: Cecil Slover
Elementary Principal:
J.J. Davis

Class Sponsors: Jodie Mahan & Gladys McCaskill
Class Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Ross Middleton Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Byers

Tidbits: In 1965-66, there were four teachers in both first and second grades and three teachers per grade in grades three - six. First grade had 126 students and sixth grade had 94.

Mr. & Miss SHS and Mr. & Miss Wolverine Personality: Thomas Gregory & Beth Dent
Band Favorites:
Pruda Sanders & Freddy Kelley
Football King & Queen:
Danny Byers & Beverly Kelley
Class Favorites:
Beverly Kelley & Phil Middleton
Class Officers:
Thomas Gregory
Peggy Upchurch
Beth Dent
Alice Jaquess