Arthur Plotts is our band and music director.

Mike Ritchie began teaching in 1986 and joined the Springlake-Earth staff as athletic director in the 2006. He graduated from Lubbock Christian University with a BS in Education. He is working on a Masters at Sul-Ross State University. Mike is certified to teach all level PE and government.

His family consists of wife Tonya and daughters Tanoah and Ariel. His favorite movie is Lonesome Dove and Louis L'amour is a favorite author. His favorite food is steak.

Marsha Stenger-- I am enjoying living in the community of teachers, coaches, and administrators in the houses nearest the school (teacherages). My children are grown and living their own lives, so companionship is provided by a cute little white dog. The enjoyment of painting, writing, and shopping fill the little time there is for leisure. As a teacher of Spanish and art, my students range from eighth to twelfth grades.

Born and raised in Lubbock, after graduating from Monterey High School, I went on to attend Texas Tech University for a Bachelor of Arts degree. I will soon render a Masters Degree from Sul Ross. A multitude of certifications include: Spansh, history, English Language Arts, English as a Second Language, and art--all of which have been put to use in the almost twenty years of teaching. Beginning in 1981, teaching has provided incredible opportunities and adventures. Grateful for the friendly and caring staff of Springlake-Earth High School, my tenure here began in 2002. Having taught babes to adults, my teaching career has run the gamut from private schools to public schools to Family Literacy. From Elgin to Dallas, various assignments have made teaching an enlightening experience.

Being raised with sandstorms, I remember leaning into the wind on the Tech campus only to find out that it hit 90 miles an hour and bent light poles on the stadium parking lot. My family keeps things that children say alive by using it when we talk to each other. One such phrase was the one my son coined when someone asked him when he went to bed, and he said that bedtime was dark thirty.