A Little Bit About The Group:

Is this the original "Group"?

This is not the original group; Craig Jones and Chris Haberer were former members.


What are your goals for the band/group?

Greg-" To be the best."

Kris-"Live tour, baby."

James-"To do the best we can and go as far as we can go."


Where have you performed?

We have perfomed at Rescue Fest, 4th of July Parade Celebration, Hoot's-Amarillo, Einstein's-Lubbock, Halloween Dances, and several other places and parties.


What type of music is it that you play?

We play a variety of music: rock, alternative, reggae, funk, and everything but country.


Give us some lyrics of your favorite songs.

We have too many great songs, and too many great lyrics to choose from, but here are a few examples from Kris-ET's drummer

311-"Strong All Along"-"Take on the love, and the good karma"

Rage Against Machine-"Guerilla Radio"-"It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime, what better place that here, what better time than now! "


Do you play your own songs? If not, when do you think you'll be performing your own songs?

Yes, we are playing and practicing a few of our own, and we're working on others so we can later start playing them.


When and where is the next gig?

Upcoming Gigs for ET Band:

Amarillo, TX at Hoot's in the early part of June

Lubbock, TX 4th on Broadway--time and date are not yet set


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