As FFA members, we must embrace the statement "quality counts"--in our daily efforts, our work, our education, our social life, our projects, our friendships, and our futures.

For the Parents

FFA Meat

will be delivered on Tuesday, October 28 in the afternoon. Please make arrangements to pick it up prior to 6:00 P.M. Please help your kids get it delivered as quickly as possible.

Barrow Season

is about to wind down--I have never heard from some on what I am expected to do or not do.

November 7

is the last home football game and FFA parents have the concession stand. Susan will be sending out times for each of you to work at the concession stand.

PROBLEM: The 28th is also the date set aside for lamb and goat validation at the show barns. I can't be both places taking care of both--PLEASE, I need help from some parents in helping get the meat picked up and checked off of the list on Tuesday afternoon.

Lamb and Goat

ends this month (October) and barrow validation begins in November.


must be completed by Thanksgiving for all major shows. We will start completing those entries at any time.

Motel Reservations

are a problem. If you want a reservation, get with me NOW!

Past Due Accounts

Many of the members are not staying current in paying for what they get; consequently the FFA stays in the red on the books. This does not look favorable to the auditors or administrators. Please help me out by keeping the FFA paid.