The Class of 1973, along with other students and community members, attended the dedication of a historical marker, which was placed in front of the first building on campus. Inscribed on the marker is this information:
State Historical Survey Committee, Springlake-Earth School (in 202-square mile district). Opened in 1908 as a one room school, Springlake became an independent school district in 1924 when Halsell Ranch land was sold to settlers and local population increased. The enlarged school opened in 1925 in the new $30,000 brick structure on a site bought from J. F. Kelley. E. C. Martin was superintendent. Otis Brown, M. E. Cleavinger, Earl Hewitt, Arthur Edwards, George Linville, H. M. Packard, and W. C. White were trustees. In 1928 the band and football squad were organized and the school paper begun. Enrollment, curriculum, and school plant continue to expand. "Earth" was added to the school name in March 1964. (See "About Our School" on the S-E Homepage for more information and pictures about the early days of our school district.)
Acevedo, Jose Anderson, Kevin Angeley, Bobby Jack Biles, Coelita Blount, Patricia Ann
Bock, Kem Bosquez, Alicia Buckner, Barbara Canada, Davy Castillo, Jessie
Cleavinger, Bob Daniel, Cifford Davis, Guy Dear, Darla Freeman, Doug
Fulfer, Diane Gaston, Paige Gaston, Shelley Hanson, David Hay, Steve
Head, Vickie Hinchliffe, David Ingram, Diane James, Renay Johnson, Eright
Jones, Renee Koite, Mary Jane Lee, Tracy Lewis, Kent Marriott, Dan
Miller, Brenda Miller, JoAnne Morgan, Lesa Myers, Bobby Nance, Georga
Orr, Lisa Padilla, Lorenzo Palacio, Luis Pittman, Barry Price, Monty
Randolph, Steve Robles, Jesse Russell, Ramona Sanders, Toni Sanderson, Brian
Scheller, Aaron Smith, Jimmy Thomas, Earlene Thomas, Larry Triana, Nicho
Wages, Gail Welch, Kim Wells, Glenn West, Vicki Wisian, Vicki

Information and pictures taken from the 1972-1973 Wolverine annual
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