Live for Today
Learn from Yesterday
Dream of Tomorrow

Class Song: "Something Special"

I walked this road before, but it was different then
'cause I was trav'ling alone just looking for a friend.
Didn't know where I was going or what I wanted to be;
then up ahead I saw you there, and something happened to me!

'Cause you brought something into my life,
and taught me who I really am.
Yes, you brought something into my life,
and now I feel I can start all over again.

I am different now, it isn't hard to tell
'cause you are walking by my side, and things are going well.
Now I know where I am heading, and how I want to live.
You showed me how to share my life, you taught me how to give.

Pictures taken from the 1982-1983 Wolverine annual
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